Series designer: John Morgan 

Print production: Martin Lee

Four Corners Books


Four Corners Familiars is a series of books featuring artists’ responses to classic novels and short stories. They provide a fresh look at the tradition of the illustrated novel, with each artist choosing a text to be reprinted in full alongside their newly created work. Each book is different in style and format, according to the needs of the artwork and the text. Nine titles have now been completed, with more being prepared. 

1. The Picture of Dorian Gray
2. Dracula
3. Blumfeld, An Elderly Bachelor
4. Nau Sea Sea Sick
5. A Stick of Green Candy
6. Vanity Fair
7. The Prisoner of Zenda
8. Madame Bovary
9. Some Canterbury Tales
10. The Overcoat
11. The Nose

Each book has its own project within this site. Follow the links in the related projects menu.

‘The collaboration between John Morgan, Four Corners Publishing and three contemporary artists (Gareth Jones, James Pyman and David Musgrave) has been one of the most toothsome ongoing treats of 2008. Each volume is a brilliantly well-considered and fresh approach to a classic text, with the artists providing a contemporary take on the art of book illustration and Morgan exercising his estimable powers as one of today’s most assured, imaginative and intelligent book designers. So far The Picture of Dorian Gray, Dracula and Kafka's Blumfeld: An Elderly Batchelor have enjoyed the Four Corners Familiars treatment in 2008. We can't wait for more in 2009.’ (Grafik magazine, 2008)

Nominated for Design Museum Designs of Year 2011