‘Blanche ou L’Oubli / Blanche or Forgetting’ installation of Gallimard Blanche series by John Morgan with Alex Balgiu, Jean-Marie Courant and 6a architects

Seoul, South Korea

Typojanchi Typography Biennale


‘Like many archetypes, the design of the celebrated collection Blanche/White published by the Nouvelle Revue Française (NRF) and Gallimard is the result of compound sensibilities – the taste and direction of the founders, which included André Gide and Jean Schlumberger – and the implementation by the printer Edouard Verbeke of the St. Catherine Press in Bruges.

There’s a collectively inherited idea of what constitutes a “Blanche” – an off-white cover stock which gives the collection its name, a paperback you can hold comfortably in your hand but perhaps not in your pocket, a single black ruled frame containing a double red frame, centred text alignment, a title coloured red, the author’s name in black and the publisher’s italicised NRF device. The specific peculiarities are harder to define.’ (John Morgan, download full text here)