Edited by Martin Bax

240 × 165 mm


‘AMBIT – the foremost organ of the lucid orgasm party.’

‘In 1959 a London Paediatrician, Dr Martin Bax, diagnosed Angst and Ennui as the prevailing mood. He prescribed Ambit magazine: poetry, fiction and art – sometimes shocking, sometimes experimental sometimes comic, always compelling – plus a small dose of unstuffy poetry reviews.’ (Ambit)

‘Bax and Foreman aimed to produce a magazine in which pictures and words would complement each other, but somehow Ambit got stuck with the reputation of being a literary quarterly with illustrations. So one objective of its 2000 redesign, by John Morgan studio, was to reassert the visual content. Luckily, Morgan was no stranger to the magazine, having previously worked at Derek Birdsall’s studio, Omnific; Birdsall had redesigned the title in the mid 1970s.’ (David Brittain, ‘Little British…’ in Eye magazine, 65, Autumn, 2007)

‘We were in trouble again, when Ambit launched a competition for the best fiction or poetry written under the influence of drugs. Lord Goodman, an intimate of Prime Minister Harold Wilson, raised the threat of prosecution. In fact, we were equally interested in the effects of legal drugs – tranquillisers, antihistamines, even baby aspirin. The competition, and the 40 Pound prize which I offered, was won by the novelist Ann Quin – her drug was the oral contraceptive…’ (J.G. Ballard from The Atrocity Exhibition, New Revised Edition, RE/Search)